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Come hang out, Atlanta!

Pretty excited about our new CommonCreativ ATL stickers. A local company, Slap Packs, helped us out with them.

Get yourself one and lots of cool raffle prices at our party on August 9 at Mother. All the cool people will be there!

Details over here! https://www.facebook.com/events/757092761020482/

Go check out the newly redesigned @commoncreativatl site + party announcement! #atlarts #vscocam #atlanta #weloveatl


We interviewed Aubrey Longley-Cook over at CommonCreativ ATL this week. He’s one of my favorite artists in Atlanta. He’s making cross-stitch and embroidery badass again.

I think we’ve been so fortunate lately to have so much good stuff happening in Atlanta. Public stuff like Living Walls, Flux Projects, GloATL, Art on the BeltLine, and so many groups who make art and design visible and accessible to the general public. I think it’s awesome! And #weloveatl—I’ve been thinking a lot about that campaign and how awesome it really is for our community. Makes me love Atlanta more and more.

I really enjoyed doing this interview with Micah and Whitney Stansell. All about memories, nostalgia, youth and how our relationships grow and/or change throughout our lives. Plus, they are the cutest, most talented couple. Good stuff. 

Also, fun fact: Micah typed his responses while boarding a plane to China. Crazy.

Really awesome Q+A up at CommonCreativ right now about The Influencers, a weekly event about discovering talent and artists in Atlanta. Go check it out!

Also, counting the seconds until our redesign. I’m spending all weekend coding away. So excited.


Deer Bear Wolf Launch Party: May 13 @ The Mammal Gallery

Flyer by Mike Germon


I like the vibes of this flyer by Mike. I feel like I’m traveling through space, on Cosmos’ Ship of the Imagination. I’m really into it.

And you should come to this!

Follow Deer Bear Wolf, guys. Davy is a cool dude, doing cool stuff in this cool city of ours. Also, come to the magazine launch party on May 13 and watch me do my first reading or throw up on stage. Either/or. Place your bets now! 

P.S. I also talked to artist Craig Drennen this week about humanity’s demise, curating a new group show and the death of the sun. 

It’s been a really good week in freelance writing over here.