Aug 20, 2012
I know you want to tell the world how in love you are but please don’t be in a relationship with them on Facebook. Just don’t. Not only is it tacky, it also makes a potential break up that much more public and painful. Your friend from summer camp in 8th grade doesn’t need to see that your relationship is over. People you don’t know or care about don’t need to be sending you heartfelt messages asking you if you’re okay. Just do yourself a favor and keep that offline. We live in The Information Age, which can be a good and bad thing for relationships. Although it’s nice to share photos of the two of you and be affectionate on each other’s Facebook walls, it’s important to keep parts of the relationship sacred. The best moments of any love occur offline so focus on cultivating those rather than maintaining your online presence.
Jun 27, 2012
I married him against all evidence. I married him believing that marriage doesn’t work, that love dies, that passion fades, and in so doing I became the kind of romantic only a cynic is truly capable of being.
Nora Ephron
Jun 30, 2011
You’re not less important than the job — the job is just more important than anything else.

Tom Chambers writes 5 things you should know before dating a journalist.

Really feeling this sentiment after last night’s screening of Page One.

This goes with this as well - Thought Catalog’s Notes On Dating A Freelance Writer” 

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Nov 12, 2010


social media is so bleak.


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